Instant Goddess OD’s on the red carpet…

Back-to-back trash TV and more red carpet detoxing…finally we may have OD’ed! And so it has been a very quiet few weeks at Instant Goddess HQ but the fashion radar is still working (just about). So what landed on the screen this week?

Top of the Instant Goddess fash chart this week has to be this wonderful grey embellished jacket from Monsoon – just perfect for this time for year.

Photo 1Jade embellished jacket in grey £99 (approx. $1182) from Monsoon.

Shipping notes: Monsoon ships to Hong Kong and takes 5-9 working days, it costs £5.95 (approx. $70) or shipping is free over £75 (approx. $895). Express shipping is available for £20 (approx. $240) and arrives in 3-4 working days.

Shoe of the Week

Photo 2 Kitten heeled studded shoes $399, Zara

Great with denim, the kitten heeled studded shoes above from Zara, could give you just the fashion pick-me-up you’re looking for in the day. Low enough to be comfortable for day wear and who knows you might even be able to break into a trot about town. They also come in nude and at a price like $399 you could even buy a pair in each colour if you can’t make up your mind.

Did you know? That the Zara app is well worth downloading as you can check in-store availability for your size and which store has availability nearest to you. So no more wasted trips to Zara scouring the shelves for that much wanted item.

Oooh and just one more word from Zara…the necklaces and scarves are definitely worthy of note at the moment.

Photo 3

Left: Dress in mid blue $599, top right: colour print scarf $259 and bottom right: shiny crystal necklace $399 all Zara

Lady in Red

Yes, Yes… I know we covered red dresses last time in homage to Valentine’s and CNY but this one got through the net or maybe Dotty P’s were late to the party? Anyway, if you’re still in the market for a very affordable red dress then look no further than good ole Dorothy Perkins from the UK. And if you play your cards right you could even bag yourself a discount…join their mailing list and they almost have weekly discount code offers.

Photo 4

Red embellished cut-out dress £38 (approx. $454)

Shipping notes: Dorothy Perkins ship to Hong Kong. Shipping costs £10.50 (approx. $125) and takes up to 8 working days and express delivery costs £20 (approx. $240) and takes up to 3 working days.

The last word…

The last fashion word this week goes to River Island, another UK high street stalwart, with these new arrivals for Spring you’ll definitely have a spring in your step.

Photo 5

Left: Blue geometric cigarette print trousers £42 (approx. $500), top right: Cream boxy embellished daisy jacket £80 (approx. $955) and bottom right: Laser cut tote bag £42 (approx. $500).

Shipping notes: River Island ship to Hong Kong and shipping costs £10 (approx. $120) and takes up to 10 days.

Midweek Meal Inspiration

Photo 6Image courtesy of The Detox Kitchen

And, yes, back to that Red Carpet Detox, after falling off it over CNY, we got right back on it…but Instant Goddess is getting to the point where she’s even beginning to BORE herself now (and no-one likes a diet bore particularly when it’s yourself) so we may be going back to black (so slimming you know). This week we particularly enjoyed the Aubergine stuffed with cherry tomatoes and quinoa.

For more recipes, check out the recipe section on the Detox Kitchen.

For the three week Detox program hop over to the Sunday Times for all the recipes.

Yogi tea saying of the week: “Patience is looking at the night and seeing the day”.

Instant Goddess saying of the week: “Impatiently looking for the daylight”

Until next time Goddesses and remember you are ALWAYS, ALWAYS worth it XX


About instantgoddess

Living in Hong Kong with its dearth of affordable high street fashion, Instant Goddess was born. The challenge being to find cheap but chic, fash for less cash week-in week-out. Whether its whizzing down the online aisles or pounding the HK streets, Instant Goddess gives you the shortcuts to make you look and feel good with the least amount of energy required. All you have to do is sit back and be open to shopping suggestion and temptation. Instant Goddess words to live by: Everyone deserves to look good. Money can't buy style. It's not what you wear but how you wear it. And remember you are ALWAYS, ALWAYS worth it. The author behind Instant Goddess is Katie Kay a self confessed jewel junkie, with a keen eye for stylish clothes that scream glamour without the hefty designer price tag.
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